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Welcome to SJ
Wide open spaces and empty waves

Welcome to  Salty Jackal

Welcome to beautiful, wide-open Namibia and its uncrowded waves!

Surfing | Sustainable Living | Extraordinary Food is what we're about. It's what we love and live for.

Salty Jackal Backpackers & Surf Camp is located in Swakopmund, a relaxed town on our wave-rich coastline, buzzing with good coffee and nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Namib Desert dunes.


For those who enjoy surfing, adventure and vast, natural landscapes - this is the place for you.

For adrenaline junkies - how about skydiving over the world's oldest desert or sand-boarding & quad-biking on its ever-shifting dunes?

A home away from home where you mingle with like-minded travelers and meet the desert.

- Stay Salty! -

Uncrowded waves, often alone, in beautiful desert surfscape.


Namibia's only surf camps are hosted at Salty Jackal Backpackers for small groups who wish to dedicate some serious time to their surfing.


What makes our camps unique is that on top of surfing quality waves in Namibia's breath-taking landscapes filled with wildlife, guests also have the option of free time activities for all tastes & budgets - this means that non-surfer friends and partners will enjoy our camps too.

Certain seasons are suited to beginners, others to more experienced surfers.

To venture further into Namibia join our Surfaris.

advanced surfing namibia
Camps & Surfari

You don't have to stay with us to surf with us.

Namibia has surf spots for all levels and we are geared & licensed to take you surfing.

Our surf school with ISA qualified instructors teaches beginners the basics and intermediates to improve as the low crowds let you catch more waves. We also offer guided surf tours to the along the Skeleton Coast. For the tube-lords out there, all-inclusive strike missions to the longest barreling wave known - Skeleton Bay. Our optional surf photography service documents your desert waves and we also rent gear if you need it..

We are stoked to paddle out with you, no matter your experience level!

Lessons & Guiding

Essentially a 5-bedroom house in the town centre Salty Jackal is cozy and complete with pets and a food garden.

Our dedicated team speaks English, German, Italian, Dutch, Afrikaans, Albanian - and a bit of French too.

Being foodies we host delicious dinner nights and BBQs around the fire.

Free wifi, safe parking and fully equipped self-catering kitchen plus table tennis, mini-gym, slackline and hammocks.

Life at Salty Jackal follows the wind, waves and tides and we love to share our local knowledge and love for Namibia with our guests.


Salty Stories

Salty Stories
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