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Not a  Tropical  Paradise

But as a surfer you probably don't care.

Surfing along the oldest desert in the world not only offers consistent, year-round quality waves for all levels with low crowds - on top of this, the Namib desert's mesmerizing scenery and the endless barrels of Skeleton Bay will remain etched in your mind.


Be prepared, this place is wild.

The desert climate can be harsh and you might surf alone with no soul in sight apart from some friendly seals and dolphins, while jackals surround the car on the beach - it's all part of the adventure.

For all the facts like, sharks, safety and the cost of beer, read on or see our Surf Namibia FAQ and Namibia Travel Info.

- Stay Salty! -

Surfing in Namibia

Let's Go Surfing

Whether it's your first surf lesson or you're a seasoned tube lord comfortable riding the longest, and one of the fastest and heaviest barrels on earth - Skeleton Bay - or anything in between, we are ready to get you stoked and filled up on Vitamin Sea!

Why Us?

In-depth knowledge of surf spots and local conditions.

ISA qualified & 1st aid trained guide/instructor.

Our company is licensed & insured according to Namibian regulations.

We speak English, Deutsch, Italiano, Afrikaans, Dutch and a bit of French too!

Tube lords: we know when Skeleton Bay is working and will gladly advise on if a trip is worth it or not.


We take you surfing according to your level. Simply choose from our options below.

Surf With Us

Surf School

Beginner - Intermediate Level

Swakopmund and the surrounding area have some beautiful empty beaches which are safe for beginners to learn surfing on.

Our ISA qualified surf instructors introduce you to the fun of surfing in a safe, step by step way according to your experience and ability level. Lessons happen almost daily and depending on the conditions we either run beginner or intermediate level lessons.

Contact us to arrange your surf lesson.

All Gear


Or use your own if you prefer

Transport Included

Or meet us at the beach

NAD 750 pp

NAD 950 pp

NAD 3000 pp

NAD 5250 pp

NAD 1450 pp


Once-off lesson in group

Private group lesson

5-Lesson package in group 

10-Lesson course in group

1-on-1 Lesson

Surf School

Guided  Surf Trips

Intermediate - Elite Level

We take you surfing along the Skeleton Coast.

Our local guides know how to find the wave best each day according to your preference.

For the tube-lords out there, we offer strike missions to the longest barreling wave known - Skeleton Bay,

all you need to do is fly to Walvis Bay and we'll pick you up there!

Contact us to arrange your surf trip.


Surf Guide

Always stoked to paddle out with you

Transport Included

Our 4x4 takes you everywhere

NAD 600 pp

NAD 1100 pp

NAD 1500 pp

NAD 2800 pp


Half day in group (4h)

Half day 1 on 1 (4h)

Full day in group (10h)

Full day 1 on 1 (10h)

Guided Surf Trips

Beginner - Advanced Level

Join us for a 7 days and 7 nights program, including surfing, accommodation, exclusive activities and other perks.


Surf Camps are hosted every Thursday thoughout the year and we offer camps for beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers according to the wave conditions of that particular surf season.

Surfaris to more distant surf spots in Namibia are offered on a request according to the group's available dates and lodging preferences.


See full information and available dates below. 

advanced surfing namibia
Surf Camps

Photo & Video

Capture the stoke

A dedicated photographer taking photos and or videos of your group's surf sessions. 

NAD 800 

NAD 2000


Half day per group (4h)

Full day per group (10h)


Rental & Repair

Boards & Wetsuits

We have a variety of boards for you to shred on - shortboards, longboards, fishes, softtops.

Our wetsuits are all 4/3mm and 5/4mm and we have suitable sizes for kids & adults.

NAD 350

NAD 500 

NAD 2500


Half day (4h) - per set

Per 24 h - per set

Per week - per set

Gear rental & repair

What's my surfing level?

First timer: 

Never surfed before.


Some past surfing experience or attended surf lessons before, has stood up on whitewater/small green waves on large board.



Able to catch unbroken waves, trim sideways, duckdive and paddle to backline in some conditions. Waves up to '4ft' (2m). Medium to high fitness. Hard board with volume 35-80L. Familiar with lineup etiquette and has probably tried not only beach breaks.


Surfs any spot type, waves up to '6ft' or greater (3m +). High level of fitness. Board matched to surfer's body and surf style.

What's my surfing level

Surf Seasons in Namibia

Certain seasons are more suited to certain surfers. And of course since surfing is at the mercy of nature, these guidelines are not 100% accurate - each year is different and there are always surprises, like scoring Skeleton Bay for Christmas!



Namibia has consistent waves all year round. Our coast is surfable close to 365 days of the year with good-excellent conditions of clean high period swells on over 250 days of the year.



Mild but moody - we can have 4 seasons in any one day. Air temperatures rarely drop below 10 deg C even in winter. Any day of the year can turn out sunny with temperatures usually in the 20's and rarely, when we have hot desert winds, even well into the 30's. When the sun doesn't shine due to fog, air temperatures are usually 15-20 deg C.


Most days have zero or slight wind in the morning - this is prime surfing time often with glassy conditions. Late morning usually brings a mild to strong onshore which lasts well into the afternoon. Sometimes there is an evening glass off when the wind dies down and it's time for that sunset session.


Small to medium sized swell perfect for surf lessons and intermediate level surfers. It's our summer with water temperatures of 14-17 deg C and in January and February as high as 25 deg C. Of course for advanced surfers, there are options too and there can always be an unexpected big swell or two.


An exciting mix of conditions for beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers with usually mid-sized swell and the odd big one. A bonus is some of the mildest and warmest weather of the year with favourable winds. Water temperatures drop to 12-20 deg C.


Swell season a.k.a Donkey Season is May-August. This is our winter, when frequent far away storms in the South Atlantic send big, clean ground swells towards Southern Arica's coast. These first hit the Western Cape in South Africa and then make their way up the West Coast of Africa to Namibia together with Saffas heading north on the N7 highway towards the barrel of all barrels - Skeleton Bay.

As for the weather, May-July usually have the lowest wind and are surprisingly warm, while in August is starts to get colder and windier. Water temperatures are usually 12-15 deg C, hardly ever colder. Best for intermediate to advanced surfers, as we surf a variety of break types not suitable to beginner lessons. Of course there are exceptions, so lessons are not impossible, just unlikely.


Certain spots come alive during these colder and more windy months, which are best suited to ambitious beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers. Water temperatures are typically 12-17 deg C and there is a mixture of small, medium to large swells.

For more facts like sharks, safety and the cost of beer - see our Surf Namibia FAQ and our Travel Namibia Info.

Surf Seasons Namibia
FAQ Surfing Namibia

Surfing Namibia FAQ

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